vendredi 25 septembre 2015

Continuous development


Here is a small trick to enable continuous development with your source control tool (GIT, HG, or many others)

The idea is that maybe your build chain take a bit of time and before having completely polish what you have done you want to verify to everything is working well with you build so far.

Unfortunately if you are doing that, say goodbye to your refactoring that you want to do meanwhile, It will break the running build process.

So what about

  1. Do a patch between latest repository version and you current development
  2. Clone you repository in another location
  3. Apply the patch to the new location
  4. Run you build
  5. Depending on the success/failure status send a system notification  

And of course everything is shell scripted... 
That's trivial but some developers don't know how to do shell nowaday

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